5 Things to Check Before You Fall in Love with a House for Sale


So you’re in love you say? You just can’t get that house out of your mind? It’s important to take a step back and make sure both feet are firmly planted on the ground so you can be sure you’re buying the right house for you.


So, before you get swept away by a potential home’s dreamy features, take some time to consider these 5 important things!


  1. Can I Afford this House?

You love it but the house is outside of your affordability range. It is very important to look beyond your feelings and emotions and really consider if you can afford the house. Determine your budget based on what you can afford to repay and not the maximum that you are allowed to borrow.


  1. Size of the Rooms

You’ve fallen in love with the backyard. You love the fabulous deck and can already see yourself entertaining your friends all summer long! But wait! Can you really live with the size of the rooms? Can you visualize your furniture in the rooms? If you must measure the rooms - go ahead to make sure you’re satisfied with room sizes or at least willing to overlook it because you’ve got a fabulous deck!


  1. Amount of Natural Light coming into the House

This is an important one, although it can often be overlooked. Viewing a home at different times of the day can help you to get a better idea of what the light is like in the home and whether you have enough natural light coming in. If there is not enough natural light coming into the home, make sure this is something you are willing to overlook or do without.


  1. Interior Layout

This refers to the floor plan of the house. Before you ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at the realization that you’ve met your dream kitchen, first decide if you are happy with the layout of the rest of the house. Ignore your dream kitchen for a moment and walk through the rest of the house. Imagine going about your daily activities in the house. Are their sharp corners that you would have trouble navigating around? Do you like the transition from one room to another? Or do you find it annoying that the main floor bathroom faces the living room?


  1. Window Size and Placement

Yes, you can add and modify windows. But it won’t come cheap! Decide if you’re satisfied or willing to overlook the placement and size of the windows.


Happy House Hunting!