7 Tips to Sell Your Home Fast


I think it’s safe to say the faster a property sells, the happier most sellers will be.

You may think you have to spend tons of money to make changes that will help your property sell fast. But, most of the items on this list actually require little money and some none at all!

So here are 7 tips to help you sell your home fast.

  1. Improve your Curb Appeal

Just like a face can be memorable, the way your house look from the street can also be memorable to the buyer. For better curb appeal, trim back dead plants and foliage. If it’s in the spring and summer, plant nice looking annuals or perennials. If you are selling in Winter, make sure your walkway is shoveled. Regardless of the season, you can have a pair of planters at the front door with seasonal plants.

  1. Price your Home Right from the Start

This is an important one. Do not start at a price that is too high because if you try to lower it

later, by then it may have been on the market a long time. This can lead to a slower sale and

sometimes even a lower price than it could have sold at had it been properly priced. So not

matter how much money you spend getting your home ready to sell, if it isn’t priced yet it may

not sell or attract the right buyers.

  1. Clean, Declutter, and Depersonalize

This tip requires little financial investment but can yield hundreds if not thousands in return. If

you remove things from your home like excess furniture or stuff collected over the years, it

could actually make your space look larger! You want to take things out of the house that might

prevent the buyer from seeing themselves and their things in the house.

Do deep clean of the house. This makes a lot of difference. The buyer can focus on the house

instead of dusty furniture, dirty walls, or a floor with cookie crumbs left by the kids.

  1. Make all Necessary Repairs

Doing some necessary repairs around the house - maybe repairs you had been putting off -

can keep the buyers from thinking that there might be bigger repairs outstanding. Or they might

think that you are not maintaining the house in other ways. So try to do those small repairs so

that buyers won’t be distracted by obvious outstanding repairs.

  1. Take great photos and have lots of them too

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. It seems these days a picture is worth more than

just a thousand words. Great pictures are vital to a property listing. When a buyer looks online

for potential properties, a large part of what determines whether they will request a showing are

the pictures that accompany the listing. So make sure to have stellar pictures that wonderfully

highlight the features of the property. Also, the more pictures the better. A buyer loves to

be able to look at as many pictures as he/she can.

  1. Improve the Lighting in your Home

When doesn’t good lighting benefit anyone? Good lighting can greatly improve the overall look

of your home. Buyers love homes with good lighting. So increase the wattage of your bulbs, if

possible. Trim your bushes or trees in front of your home if they are blocking the light from

outside. Clean your windows and see if you can get new lamp shades that brighten the room

more. Take down your drapes if possible, also, to bring more light into your home. All this will

make your house bright and inviting.

  1. Paint!

A fresh coat of paint does wonders to transform a home. It can really impact the value of your

home. If you have scuffs or marks on your walls, this can leave the impression that the home is

not being properly maintained. So go ahead, give your home a fresh coat of paint and watch it

come to life!