5 Tips for Packing your Home for a Move


There are not too many people out there that eagerly look forward to packing, organizing, de-cluttering, cleaning and all that comes with process of moving. Of course, you may be excited about the prospect of moving to your brand new place. But when it comes to packing, you would rather call the packing fairies. And no, those do not exist!


So, maybe not as great as packing fairies, but here are 5 tips that will reduce the stress that comes with moving!

  1. Organize it

Say no to procrastination! Do one thing today to get started. For example, organize a room or a space that is hardly used. This will hopefully give you the motivation to keep going so you will be less stressed as your moving day draws closer.

  1. De-Clutter

Go through everything you have and figure out what you really use. Those toys your kids having played with for some years now? Maybe it’s time they find a new home! And throw away anything that is broken, unusable or worn out since you don’t want to be unpacking junk at your new place. If you want to turn this process into a bit of an event, have your favourite music playing and some snacks and your favourite drink. But be warned, this may make you enjoy de-cluttering!

  1. Start Early

Starting early will reduce your stress and anxiety greatly. Start today packing the things you won’t need for a long while, likely until you are in your new place. This could include towels, bed linen, kitchen appliances, seasonal clothes and sports equipment. As you get closer to moving day, you’ll be glad you packed these items first as you will be focused on packing the things that are used more frequently.

  1. Be Flexible

When do things ever run as perfectly smooth as butter? Hardly ever. So mentally remind yourself that issues and problems will come up. So be flexible enough to deal with problems as they come up. Be flexible enough to change your plans if needed.

  1. Collect/Buy more packing supplies than you need

In this case, more is better. So always make sure that you have more than the number of boxes you think you will need. And have on hand extra tape, an extra pair of scissors and lots of markers. You don’t want to have to stop the momentum you’ve established when packing to go and pick up more moving supplies.

Here’s to a less stressful move!